Envelope Mohawk
Envelope Mohawk
Envelope Mohawk

3 Degrees Runway

Envelope Mohawk

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Springbok fur paired with Crocodile embossed leather. Mohawk from the front and back view to give hautness all around. If you're about that bag life then be sure to pick this for your next outing.

  • 100% real fur
  • Brass zipper closure
  • Brass chain
  • 100% Crocodile embossed leather 
  • 100% suede lining 

 Each purse is different, each Mohawk flap varies; therefore no two purses will be identical. 

*Clutch is made to order at purchase. Can take up to 3 to 4 weeks before shipping details are emailed*

Considering a different color leather? Email Info@3degreesrunway.com for a consultation on a custom Mohawk and Chains bag.