Electric Blue Runway Clutch

3 Degrees Runway

Electric Blue Runway Clutch

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This classic runway clutch has electric blue suede leather paired with zebra twill fabric for a soft and edgy duo dance.  Perfect to hold your personal belongings. Smaller than the XL size clutch. 

Fold it down or roll down, the choice is yours. 100% blue suede leather on one side and zebra on the other side. You know no one else will have anything remotely close to this eye catching, conversation started clutch. 

  • Brass zipper
  • 100% suede leather
  • Cotton lining
  • Inside pocket 
  • Dimensions (straight and unfolded):  L 13" x 10 W

*Made to order at purchase.  Order will ship in 3 days up to 10 days from purchase.